“I never promised it wouldn’t hurt, I promised I would deliver…”

There are these words that resonate in my mind since few days. Now, you know that when words come back just like a hit tune in your mind that you ought to pay attention to them.

In one of his latest sermons about the promise behind hardships, Pastor John Gray World stated a phrase that really became an “ah ah moment” for me. It went something like this: “…God never promised it wouldn’t hurt; “I never promised it wouldn’t hurt, I promised to deliver, but not that I wouldn’t hurt.”

I always read about God being there during more challenging times. I am an absolute fan of the Footprints poem, after all. But on that day, these words litterally hit every single cell in my body. I was getting it!

We are so influenced, close or far, by the illusion of an everlasting happiness, that we forget that challenging times are part of life. We do not like to feel these moments and as a “take a pill for any little boo boo” society, we want this feeling out in an instant. We want to feel happy, strong, in control at every given moment.

Behind any spiritual evolution, there will be a moment where your faith, your beliefs will be tested to the core. I know somethign about that! As I am writing this note, I am experiencing a faith crisis that has been going on for 2 months! It hurst, it is scary…I know I love what I do, yet why this sudden questioning?

I understand that I am about to be brought to another level or a totally new experience and God (life, whatever you want to call it), is strengthening my faith and all that I have applied so far. It is easy to believe in church and whenever everything is pink and wonderful…but can you still pray, meditate, love…or at least simply trust divine unfolding in these very grey moments?

With all the changes occuring in my life, for the first time in months, I am welcoming them with a total sense of peace. Oh, I first had a moment of “what is goign on?”, but since a week, whenever I can not find the love to pray or meditate, I simply take 1 minute with God, putting one hand on my heart and say “Thank you, I trust you, I know you are taking care of it all.”

This morning, I remembered what I experienced 5 years ago (see this article: https://www.facebook.com/notes/vér…)…

I had just forgotten about the incredible power of surrendering and God is reminding me.

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