Yoga after 65 years-old

For the past 4 years, I have been teaching gentle yoga and yoga on chair at the Association Horizon Rosemere, a club reserved for the 55+ crowd.

What I have mostly learned from this age group is that the body adapts itself and continues to learn, no matter what age. Everything is in the attitude!

On my first year, as I was teaching them how to execute Tree pose, holding a chair, most of the participants had to keep both feet, and everything was carried with a certain insecurity and lack of solidity. Three years later, most of students were showing no sign of shakiness and some were even starting to hold on one leg. The average age of this groupe is 70-90 years-old!

Same thing with the 55-70 crowd taking gentle yoga on the floor: most of the group had difficulty to get up from the floor and hold warrior postures. few years later, most of these students succeed at maintaining and accomplish a 2-3 postures sequence with fluidity…and in the few moments where challenges arise, we learn to laugh and recenter ourselves.


But for this age group, the benefits extend outside of just physical improvement:

  • Of course, most of them discover, as any other age group, this inner connection and develop tools for stress management.
  • The friendly atmosphere in these weekly meetings often bring a social circle for this age group that often suffer from  loneliness.
  • These zen moments allow the participants to land and slow down their fast hectic lifestyle…and believe me, though retired, some of them have presidential planners!

I am truly happy to see this discipline develop and adapt itself more and more for the 65 + clientele. if it is not already offered in your area,  dare to ask your municipality or your residence for yoga classes focussed for the 55 and over. You’ll see, the community will truly appreciate it.