Why do we need a demo?

Though  technology offers an accessibility like we have never before in order to represent ourselves, the actor’s demos are not a new tool. 

I do not know the history of this important tool , but in the 90s, we would record our shows on tv, or have someone film us on a tape camera and than transfer it all in a VHS tape. We would often have to deal with a professional to put it all together and it could be slightly pricey. 

Today, it is easier for actors and actresses to make a demo and not only due to the quality of tehcnology but also because casting directors are less demanding towards a “professional looking demo. They want t see the talent above all. 

So yes, a demo is a tool allowing actors to be seen by casting agents, the people who have as a mandate to show to the director, the actors they would see in specific roles, and also simply see the different styles of acting of an actor.

English scenes at 2:20.

As an actor, how to chose what to present on a demo and what kind of scenes?Well, first a demo should not be too long: 3-5 scenes, 1 minute length each max. The total length of a demo should not be more than 3 minutes. This is only a general rule I have heard form different casting directors met in the last year.

As far as what to chose scene wise, I suggest you choose what you truly want to play, your strengths and personally, I love to ad one character that I know I wouldn’t be called for cause ti is way to different of how people perceive me, but that I would love to work on as character composition. 

But the most important is to have fun. Mahélie Lortie and I have and so much fun working our scenes with coach Martin Perreault and once on the set, we were simply in #weloveourscenes mode !