Why do we need a demo?

Though  technology offers an accessibility like we have never before in order to represent ourselves, the actor’s demos are not a new tool. 

I do not know the history of this important tool , but in the 90s, we would record our shows on tv, or have someone film us on a tape camera and than transfer it all in a VHS tape. We would often have to deal with a professional to put it all together and it could be slightly pricey. 

Today, it is easier for actors and actresses to make a demo and not only due to the quality of tehcnology but also because casting directors are less demanding towards a “professional looking demo. They want t see the talent above all. 

So yes, a demo is a tool allowing actors to be seen by casting agents, the people who have as a mandate to show to the director, the actors they would see in specific roles, and also simply see the different styles of acting of an actor.

English scenes at 2:20.

As an actor, how to chose what to present on a demo and what kind of scenes?Well, first a demo should not be too long: 3-5 scenes, 1 minute length each max. The total length of a demo should not be more than 3 minutes. This is only a general rule I have heard form different casting directors met in the last year.

As far as what to chose scene wise, I suggest you choose what you truly want to play, your strengths and personally, I love to ad one character that I know I wouldn’t be called for cause ti is way to different of how people perceive me, but that I would love to work on as character composition. 

But the most important is to have fun. Mahélie Lortie and I have and so much fun working our scenes with coach Martin Perreault and once on the set, we were simply in #weloveourscenes mode !



J'y aurai 2 oeuvres exposées et à date, je compte être au vernissage de vendredi
Will have 2 artworks exhibiting and so far, I can make it to the opening on Friday.
Avro 2 opere esposte e per ora ho intenzione di essere all’inaugurazione.
Love and light, V


Cet automne (2022), j’ai eu la chance de “coacher” Jessie Mineau et Jason Chao Dai pour leur 1ère ronde de Révolution, saison 4...Lire la suite.

This fall (2022), I’ve had the chance to coach Jessie Mineau and Jason Chao Dai for their 1st round on the French TV show Révolution, season 4...read full article.


Vendues à une exposition de résidence de retraités.
Ma collection de Charlots à su ramener certains résidents "dans le bon vieux temps".
Tant qu'à Émergence d'Espoir, elle a reçu beaucoup d'éloges. D'ailleurs elle fait partie aussi des cartes de souhaits qui vendent le plus.

Sold during an exhibit at a retiree home.
My Charlot collection has stopped many residents who were "brought back in good old times".
As for Hope Emergence, it has stopped quite a few admirers. And actually, the greeting cards with its reproduction are among the most popular ones.


Ma Dernière Oeuvre

DIMENSIONS approx 62x35.25
Fusain sur papier - encadré
Charcoal on paper - Framed


Oeuvre créée à partir d’une photo d’un lac qui m’a époustouflé en un mois de décembre.
Disponible localement pour l’instant (non via la boutique).

 Artwork created from a picture taken of a breath taking lake during a month of December.
Available locally for now (not via the boutique).