When art starts out of meditation

When we meditate, it often happens that we might travel to different worlds: colours, unknown atmospheres, locations that seem real, etc. For about 5 years, I had often been seeing shapes and colours during meditation. But since about 8 months now, I find myself in places that seem reel. Last fall, I was inspired to transpose one of these places on canvas. First, I was a little nervous about sharing the essence of calm and plenitude felt at that moment. I was also pressuring myself to paint the location exactly how I saw it. Then I spoke and convinced myself to just go with the essence and and inspiration inhabiting me. If it was going to be something else at the end, perhaps even an abstract piece, well be it. The important thing was to give that first stroke a chance and let myself be guided.

I am honoured to share this artwork with you. Yes, it is very similar to what I saw, and I truly feel this zen energy that was inhabiting me in that meditation.

Looking forward to share more meditative visions with you.


Acrylique 16×20 / Encadré-Framed
Dec 2020
( Prix peuvent varier avec le temps, visitez la galerie/ Prices may vary with time, visit the gallery)
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