Also called sometimes “ the sound of the sea” 

This breathing technique is, according to me, the most relaxing pranyama. It also energizes our system but in a balanced way.

General benefits :

  • Encourages relaxation and releases tension
  • Helps to calm the nervous system
  • Raises the oxygen level in the blood
  • Encourages the fluidity of prana
  • Regularizes blood pressure
  • Helps the practitioner with his/her inner presence and consciousness 
  • Encourages meditation

Execution :

This technique consists to slightly constrict the throat’s opening, as you still breathe through the nose. This contraction might feel like you are breathing through a straw, creating a sound resembling the one of the sea. Another way to feel the technique is to imagine that you are just at the beginning of sniffling or snoring….just before the vocal cords get engaged, you can feel this slight contraction in the back of the throat.

Avoid forcing anything. Imagine that if you were to force it too much, the straw would get squashed. If you come to feel a burning or a scratching feeling in the throat, you are definitely pushing it. You will overcome this technique with time, patience and consciousness. 

It is an excellent technique to practice during meditations, during asanas (postures) practices to help keep focus and a fluid rhythm, but it is also excellent, more specifically in postures where the chin is down towards the chest (head down). A perfect exemple would be child pose.

This pranayama is also known for its capacity to produce heat within the body.

I suggest that you practice it at least once with a certified yoga teacher so you can make sure that you are executing it right. 

So for the global execution of the technique, sit comfortably ont he ground or in a chair. First start with the yogic breathing technique and when ready, add this light contraction at the back of the throat. Eyes closed, let yourself float in the state of relaxation that this pranayama offers. First start with 5 to 10 ujjayi breaths at a time. You can eventually raise up to 20 repetitions.



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