The mudras (english)

This season, at the end of each class, I invite my yoga clients to meditate, using mudras.

You probably have already seen nice hand positioning during some yoga poses and just like me, thought at first, that they were simply beautiful hand movements. These beautiful hand positions are called MUDRAS and are hand expressions that possess exceptional physical and psychological powers, as they work directly with the nadis, the energetic system related to yoga. it also uses the 5 elements, one for each finger.

In my class, I also invite my clients to explore the philosophical meaning behind the mudra and feel the energy that emerges from it.

You can practice them:

  • Through a yoga posture
  • In meditation
  •  And even during these little moments to yourself such as walking, waiting in line, public transports and even your bath time!

It is suggested to practice one same mudra for 21 days in order to cultivate well its benefits.

I invite you to join Inukshuk-Om’ list with whom I will work or a more detailed FREE mudra guide in the  next few months.

In the meantime, I share with you this mudra classic that you might have seen often in pictures, Jnana mudra (et Chin mudra).

  • In each hand, bring thumbs and indexes together.
  • The other fingers are together and straight.
  • To meditate, sit down and let your hand sit on your thighs, depending of what you wish to explore:
    a) palms facing upward: Jnana Mudra which helps to open to the universal knowledge and consciousness.
    b) palms facing downward: Chin mudra  which will elevate your own individual knowledge.


The circle created by the index and thumb, symbolizes the union between Atman (individual consciousness – represented by the index) and Brahman (universal consciousness – represented by the thumb).
The three fingers represent the 3 gunas, the totality of the 3 forces din the universes and within us: tama, raja, sattva (To develop in an other article).

Depending on the different schools, it is possible that we invite you to bring the thumb above the index nail, which seems to be a more active positioning than just the tip of fingers touching. 

On this, I wish you a wonderful exploration.


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