Tadasana (mountain)

Nothing better to open up to this AWAKENING period than with this basic posture de base which can seem very basic but takes all its importance in the anchoring and the letting go. It also helps to improve general posture, at warming up different parts of the legs and reinforcing thighs and buttocks.

– Improves posture
– Reinforces buttocks, thighs, abdomen, knees, ankles
– Relieves the sciatic nerve – Can help to reduce flat feet


– Headaches
– Insomnia
– Low blood pressure

– Feet parallel, at hip width apart.

– Raise and open the toes and then let them back down on the ground. This allows to establish a solid basis. – Knees slightly bent.
– Engage the adductors and think width if hips (bloc between thighs exercise).

– Tilt the pelvis slightly backward and forward in order to find the alignment relating to pelvis / back / buttocks / thighs. – Sacrum down.

– Slightly raise the sternum up (marionnette thread).

– Release the shoulders down but still feel their width.

– Palms facing forward (do not force the opening, shoulders will eventually open up more)

Feel the connexion earth / sky, your length, your sense of existence.

Option eyes closed: will work balance. Careful as many people might be destabilized with eyes closed.
Respect where you are at.

– Simply breathe through the complete yogic breathing technique and find a sense of total release, 
though the demand of focus to remain standing.

Extra Exercise : the little box above the head which allows you to feel the engagement of the shoulder blades / trapezes / rhomboids. Improves round backs.

Little box exercise

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