Someone was asking me this week if I believed in synchronicity. Absolutely, but I believe at the same time that our industry sells too often the illsuion of seeing signs everywhere and that some people come to search unconsciously for signs instead of letting them come to them.

So here is a great example of synchronicity: following yesterday’s confession on my need to release this inner dragon in me, I “fell by pure coïncidence” on a reading for my next step in a mediation program that my master is leading me into. I did not feel ready to go through the next step, but in the middle of the night, through a short period of insomnia, I started reading on this next level, just like that, and the title was “Recharge and release”…here you go!

I never asked for signs, I was not looking for a specific way to release this inner dragon…I simply approached this reading on the moment…. synchronicity of life (and god) who sends me the “go, it is time for you to jump to the next level even if you don’t think you are ready.” sign.

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