Silence Meditation

When we think meditation, we often see this silent practice that often can be perceived as a strict discipline. But there are many ways to meditate and this is what i present you on the #5waystomeditate series.

The 4th meditation is yes, the famous silent meditation. I only teach it as the fourth technique as I love to see people master the concept os union ans focus on one single object first. Silence being abstract for the mind, make people unfocus too easily when practiced at an early stage.

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Technique : We slowly enter into moments of inner silence. It is not a question of stopping the mind but more a question of calming it, pushing away its little voice. it is the absence of agitations that we are seeking here.

Benefits: Stop the “little Hamster” and cultivate inner peace.

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My suggested learning order:

Contemplative meditation | Mantra meditation | Reflexive meditation | Silence meditation |Active meditation          

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