Considered as on of the most important postures of your practice, Savasana can also be one of the most challenging asana to maintain.

In a world where everything runs so fast, relaxation has become an art to tame. For some people, it will be at the physical level and for others, at the mind degree.

Savasana means “corpse pose”. It requests that we abandon ourselves completely, without any sens of holding and letting any thoughts or mind fluctuations aside.

Of course, it is possible to practice savasana with cushions, blocs, or any other tools that can help support the body if needed.

Why is it such an important posture?

After a practice, it allows the body to integrate all that has been cultivated during the routine. Our body possesses its own intelligence and knows how to manage and distribute what is needed physically and energetically.

In general, this posture helps in different ways: calming the mind, managing stress, learning how to let go and how to completely abandon oneself. A practice that we often take for granted.


–  Lay down on the floor, legs straight at the width of the mat (this help to release the lower back),

but relaxed, hands opened at 1/2 to 1 inch from the hips, palms facing upward.

–  For some of you, you could always slightly raise the buttocks off the floor and tilt slightly the

pelvis so that the coccyx and lower back anchor the floor. The important thing is to be

confortable in this posture.

–  Scan your whole body from toes to head. Use each exhale to release any tension encountered.

–  Then, slowly let go and allow yourself to disappear towards a half sleep state, letting go