My Experience as a Trainer on the TV Show Hit Revolution – Season 4

This fall (2022), I’ve had the chance to coach Jessie Mineau and Jason Chao Dai for their 1st round on the French TV show Révolution, season 4. I have been working for them in the past year, prior to this, helping them with some of their competition routines, as a Theatrical Expression Specialist.

What nourishes me the most in this couple, is their incredible discipline. She lives in Laval, and him, in NY. Sometimes they meet in Albany, sometimes he drives the whole night practices two full days, and goes back on Sunday. And they teach among all of that!

I used to have this sense of discipline and dream pursuit when I was in my 20s, and this experience is bringing me all back to it. As an Expression Specialist, it is my turn to guide athletes toward their dreams and visions.  To be able to collaborate with such a team is simply an honour. 

 This breathtaking performance was the fruit of their hard work and the intervention of many contributors.

When host Sarah-Jeanne Labrosse said “The attitude…I saw the theatre work.”, I yelled, “job done, guys!

(Saison/season 4, épisode 4, 2nd presentation)

I  encourage you to follow them on their respective pages and follow their amazing career and projects. Thank you to you both for your trust and for allowing me tot ravel in your world. 

Love and light, Vxx



Image sources: Révolution and Jessie Mineau’s Instagram.