Reminder Chakra Board

In the last two issues, I explored the world of chakras, and thus at the spiritual and physical level. Here, I am coming back with a summary table which could eventually help as a quick reference guide.

I also added a “If imbalanced” section so that it can help you to maybe understand some disparity in your life. We all experience some at some point and these fluctuations vary depending of our life’s seasons. IMPORTANT: this does not replace any professional or medical advice, but is more of a wonderful complimentary tool.

I suggest also some yoga postures in sanskrit (look them up on internet) and associated Bija mantras. “Bija” means “seed” as in “the source”. These mantras are considered like vibrations of the creative consciousness, the source…like OM.

Though base on my general knowledge, here are some of my general ressources guides, what I call my “bible” sites: | | |

SOURCE: avec/with LOVE VERO emagazine – winter 2019

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