My new BABA

Dr Bali – Everybody’s BABA ( for everyone who simply desire to change their life)

Some people find mentors while others find gurus. I have learned a new term in the past few months” Baba”, which is a sanskrit term of endearment towards and eldery whose knowledge and wisdom is respected.

The yoga world is filled with teachers who have mastered postures, created new forms of yoga and became very popular in the limelight of our discipline. But in a society where it is easy to become an overnight sensation through social media and amazing branding skills, how do you know you have found a true yoga master?

My main reflection after my last intensive four months training was “I am at a point of no return!”. My approach to yoga and my teaching has amazingly changed in the past few months. In my case, I actually was already somehow bringing a lot of this information I have previously leaned, as I had been exposed in early adulthood to metaphysics. Using it in a natural way in my own yoga practice, I started teaching it because it felt right…yet there was always a little bit of this imposteur feeling, due to the fact that I had not learned all of this information officially in my first training.

With the Bali Method, it is as if all the pieces of the puzzle came together and that I was finally able to embrace the power of or mind in yoga. Yoga is more than physical exercise. It is a discipline that embodies mind, body and souls. And I am not talking about woo woo spirituality here. I am talking about a science that is more and more respected and starting to have more and more attention in the medical and scientific research world.

With Dr Madam Bali, this is what you get; a complete approach of what yoga is truly about, supported by amazing research articles and his own experience straight from india. Dr Bali himself has also been part of many medical studies within the Montreal medical community. His technique is supported by many case studies. All of this with his yoga life path, brings you to live your life in a complete different perspective.

Another sign that he is indeed my yoga master is that though I just ended my certification, I know I will take at least one Sunday a month to go back in his Yoga Bliss Montreal studio, sit and embed his words of wisdom, because every time you are in his presence there is a new lesson that pops in your mind.

All of this is enough for me to know that Dr Bali is my BABA, my master, but above all a man with a big heart and opening arms, who will accept any student ready to simply change his/her life.

And you do not need to desire to become a yoga teacher too. If you simply want to change your life, you can take the same “certification” minus the tests and exams, which he calls The Happiness Program. You can find more information at Yoga Bliss’ site: .

On this, I would like to take these last lines to simply say THANK YOU, Dr Bali, for encouraging me to come sit on this first lesson, because from that moment I knew that my life was taking a turn towards a true life of service, love and devotion.

Namaste…and enjoy your time in India!
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