Meditating during this isolation period

 What interesting times! A period of time that brings up many emotions. But somehow, there is a beautiful lesson behind what we are experiencing  with this corona virus time. These days that bring us to the essential, to life, to family… and to learn to cultivate ourselves inward. For some it will be a challenge but it is vital that you practice as never before your meditations and visualisations, so that you avoid falling in solitude, depression, craziness. Those who never tried, it is now time to learn to meditate.


Need help?
Have a look at my boutique section and see which tools could help in these days. I offer a meditation CD and also a full online workshop.

For the beginners, I also suggest you start reading the 5 great paths of meditation.

For the more experienced, you could read this article on mudras.

On this, I wish you all a great period of peace and above all global health.



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Vos émissions préférées recommencent bientôt… voici celles dans lesquelles je serai dans la prochaine saison( d’autres à venir en 2024). Toutes des 1-2 scènes. Je vous mets les épisodes, mais je vous suggère de suivre les séries au complet!

De vrais petits bijoux se produisent au Québec!

-ALERTES 3 - épisode 73 - @tva ou @qub

-UNE AFFAIRE CRIMINELLE 2 - épisode 6 - ou Crave 

-SANS RENDEZ-VOUS 3 - Épisode 29 - @icitoutv (et Radio—Canada?)

-DISCUSSION AVEC MES PARENTS 6 - épisode 77 - #Radio-Canada ou

-ALLER SIMPLE 2 - épisode 2 - #Noovo ou #Crave

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