Kapalbhati Breathing

Shining skull breathing

As I often mention, breathing is what differs yoga from any other discipline. Your breath becomes your ally. 

Kapalbhati, is this breathing technique that consist of using little short exhalations. This pranayama (breathing technique) is one of the most powerful ones in eliminating toxins and elevating energy within. Excellent to use at the beginning of colds.

A little bit complicated to explain it on paper, I offer this article to the clients who have learned it as a little reminder of few pointers. I will eventually offer a workshop on this technique for people desiring to learn it deeper.

Little reminder pointers:

–  Sitting legs crossed, keep a straight spine.

–  Hands on the thighs, or in chin mudra, or at the diaphragm for those who begin, and

execute 2 complete yogic breathings.

–  Fill in the lungs at 3/4 (tummy, rib cage only)

–  Let little jerky exhales through the nose and thus from the diaphragm..
(between 25 and 100 depending on your level)
Do not go too fast.
Advanced technique: take the time to “ pull the stomach in”

–  Follow by a big yogic inhale and retain the breath for 30 to 60 seconds and bring your attention to the third eye, the heart or eventually the top of the skull which you will feel tangling.

–  Exhale slowly and restart the whole sequence from the 2 yogic breaths.

–  Exécute 3 cycles.

–  Then take few moments to simply let yourself bathe into the calm after the storm effect.

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