Creating with the Left Brain!

Born out of a vision during a meditation at the beginning of 2021, I remember being hypnotized by this square swirl of vibrant colors. I still can feel this sense of solidity and pure joy I felt during this apparition.

(On this photo: in full analysis mode through a camera)

Finally deciding to put it on a canvas, after almost a year, I realized quickly that this would be a different creative process.  Calculation, planification, ruler, etc. FromA to Z this creative process was constant analysis, correcting and detail work. Though still “imperfect”, this artwork taught me not only patience, but also how to let go of the concept and criteria of perfection.  

Reflecting on my last year and on the transformation that Covid has brought in my life, I see this this vision as a mutation from my spiritual chapter of the last ten years, towards a new creative and material life rich in colors, while still resting in equilibrium, and fluidity and thus, under the strong foundations that I have acquired and integrated within.

Acrylic with semigloss finish