Deputy Prize – Fall 2021

It is with honour, that I have received, last Sunday, the Deputy Prize at the Fall Art Exhibit from the Regroupement des Artistes de Rosemère (RAR), for the Morning Meditation artwork.

I would like to thank Mr. Éric Girard, Deputy of Groulx, ainsi and his Press Officer, M. Patrick Morin.

I am proud to be part of RAR and thank you for allowing us to share our creations with the public. 

This painting (acrylic) was created after I saw this gorgeous spot, in my imagination. To read more about this experience, click here.

Since i started exhibiting this piece, I receive a lot of reactions for to the “reality” of the rocks.  Many tell me that this reality effect gets them the impression that they are looking at a photography instead of a painting. Others seem to be mesmerized by the light and depth of the painting. 

Tis recognition and exchanges with art lovers inspire me to maybe create a series of rocks on the sea…TBF.


(in French – click on the image below)

Invited on the One Leg Up Podcast!

The podcast with amazing Pauline Victoria for One Leg Up Productions is on.
This encounter with Pauline was meant to be. What an inpsiration!

In Podcast Mode – It’s all about connectivity!

My last adventures in the visual arts, but especially as an assumed multidisciplinary artist, bring me to embrace the podcast world. First interviewed last month by the inspiring Pauline Victoria for The Small Victories Podcast, then this week by Matthew Delight from Delighted to Meet You, I will also be part of the Sunday Podcast With Raju, directly from India next month.

The beauty of these new experiences is the chance to connect with so many interesting people around the world. With Matthew this week, we actually spoke about the importance of connectivity in my life and my different art forms. I think that in everything I have chosen to do in life, connectivity is definitely an important criteria…and I can say the same about my personal life.

I am looking forward to share with you the links of those podcasts in the next few weeks. Stay tuned and please go follow these amazing interviewers!

Love and light, V

My First Collection

As I was finishing up my first minimalist art collection ever, called The Molecule Collection, I thought I could share my creative process with you guys.

This collection celebrates my metaphysical approach to life. Our thoughts become reality and to be able to elevate positive states and emotions each day, is part of my spiritual routine. To have been able to create these positive qualities in shapes and colours on paper was an ever deeper reconnecting journey and a chance do create in synergy an expressive form between my spirituality and my art.

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When art starts out of meditation

When we meditate, it often happens that we might travel to different worlds: colours, unknown atmospheres, locations that seem real, etc. For about 5 years, I had often been seeing shapes and colours during meditation. But since about 8 months now, I find myself in places that seem reel. Last fall, I was inspired to transpose one of these places on canvas. First, I was a little nervous about sharing the essence of calm and plenitude felt at that moment. I was also pressuring myself to paint the location exactly how I saw it. Then I spoke and convinced myself to just go with the essence and and inspiration inhabiting me. If it was going to be something else at the end, perhaps even an abstract piece, well be it. The important thing was to give that first stroke a chance and let myself be guided.

I am honoured to share this artwork with you. Yes, it is very similar to what I saw, and I truly feel this zen energy that was inhabiting me in that meditation.

Looking forward to share more meditative visions with you.


Acrylique 16×20 / Encadré-Framed
Dec 2020
( Prix peuvent varier avec le temps, visitez la galerie/ Prices may vary with time, visit the gallery)
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1595 Av. Van Horne, Outremont, QC H2V 1L6


Vos émissions préférées recommencent bientôt… voici celles dans lesquelles je serai dans la prochaine saison( d’autres à venir en 2024). Toutes des 1-2 scènes. Je vous mets les épisodes, mais je vous suggère de suivre les séries au complet!

De vrais petits bijoux se produisent au Québec!

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-UNE AFFAIRE CRIMINELLE 2 - épisode 6 - ou Crave 

-SANS RENDEZ-VOUS 3 - Épisode 29 - @icitoutv (et Radio—Canada?)

-DISCUSSION AVEC MES PARENTS 6 - épisode 77 - #Radio-Canada ou

-ALLER SIMPLE 2 - épisode 2 - #Noovo ou #Crave

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