Featured in the Community Connections

During the shooting of the TV show 450 North, I had the chance to meet with Kathy Nolan, an amazing volunteer from the Lower Laurentians area, who often writes for  The Community Connections.

Here is a link to  an interview she has written on my volunteering involvement. 

Click on images below.

Deputy Prize – Fall 2021

It is with honour, that I have received, last Sunday, the Deputy Prize at the Fall Art Exhibit from the Regroupement des Artistes de Rosemère (RAR), for the Morning Meditation artwork.

I would like to thank Mr. Éric Girard, Deputy of Groulx, ainsi and his Press Officer, M. Patrick Morin.

I am proud to be part of RAR and thank you for allowing us to share our creations with the public. 

This painting (acrylic) was created after I saw this gorgeous spot, in my imagination. To read more about this experience, click here.

Since i started exhibiting this piece, I receive a lot of reactions for to the “reality” of the rocks.  Many tell me that this reality effect gets them the impression that they are looking at a photography instead of a painting. Others seem to be mesmerized by the light and depth of the painting. 

Tis recognition and exchanges with art lovers inspire me to maybe create a series of rocks on the sea…TBF.


(in French – click on the image below)

The Perfect Gift Card

Original gift idea: offer to your art lovers an ART GIFT CARD and give them the opportunity to become original art work collectors. 

Though art is retaking value and has an increased popularity among the new young adult generations, offering art can be overwhelming due to different factors: taste, dimensions, choses mediums, colours, etc.

When we know less the tastes and needs of a collector or a love one, by offering an art gift card, you allow him to continue or start his collection by letting him chose the art work that speaks the most to him.

Art gift cards are also a great idea for any housewarming gift, weddings, baby showers, retirement,  and any other great life event. 

Click on the image above and chose your gift card today. 


Invited on the One Leg Up Podcast!

The podcast with amazing Pauline Victoria for One Leg Up Productions is on.
This encounter with Pauline was meant to be. What an inpsiration!

In Podcast Mode – It’s all about connectivity!

My last adventures in the visual arts, but especially as an assumed multidisciplinary artist, bring me to embrace the podcast world. First interviewed last month by the inspiring Pauline Victoria for The Small Victories Podcast, then this week by Matthew Delight from Delighted to Meet You, I will also be part of the Sunday Podcast With Raju, directly from India next month.

The beauty of these new experiences is the chance to connect with so many interesting people around the world. With Matthew this week, we actually spoke about the importance of connectivity in my life and my different art forms. I think that in everything I have chosen to do in life, connectivity is definitely an important criteria…and I can say the same about my personal life.

I am looking forward to share with you the links of those podcasts in the next few weeks. Stay tuned and please go follow these amazing interviewers!

Love and light, V