Among all of the professional sectors through which I express myself, there are two common elements: creativity and movement.  

In my life, creativity expresses itself through this transcendency of an essence or emotion felt as a reckless expression. I love, in French, the word game « créati-VIE-té », where we replace the syllable “vi” by “vie” which means life. I truly believe that as humans, we ought to connect to our inner essence and create, artistically or not, from this vital energy within. Life has created every single one of us under a unique essence and it is up to us to express it, honor it, and share it through different expressive channels. In visual arts, I honor this creativity by welcoming this inner vital source and by channelling it through intuitive and emotive movement. 

Movement is life. In life, everything is energy. Within an energy we discover different motions inspired from the emotions and sentiments inhabiting us. My art is governed from these metaphysical principles, and my very “in the moment” approach unfolds itself through my artwork which is often dictated by me mediations and visualisations.  Either I reproduce a vision or a feeling experienced through a session, or either I see an idea, sit and meditate before starting so I can myself become a white canvas, so I can then let myself be guided through movement and the essence of the vision and the emotion behind it.  

Yes, art has a therapeutic effect on many artists, but I also believe that many of my art pieces can also possess this effect towards collectors. Just like the principle of preparing a meal, when the artwork is created under the energy of love and through full consciousness, the person who becomes the owner of a piece absorbs its vibrations. Have you ever enter a room and went “I do not like the energy in this room?” or enter a chapel and feel the calm and peace that were residing? It is the same principle. Just like in Dr Masaru Emoto’s study on water crystals, the intention and energy that we transmit on any object are absorbed and impregnated by it and transform this object depending on the quality of the conveyed emotion.  

To be able to portray not only these visions and meditative experiences, but especially their primary essence, is for me my greatest retribution.   

Lastly, I inspire myself from the positive forces of life that though invisible, are incredibly sensorial. My artistic life path brings me to finally embrace this synergy between creativity, movement and the being that I am moving me towards a pure, simple and true florescence.  

Véronique Pierre