A sacred relationship to food

This sanitary crisis that we ar efacing makes us realize that we should not take things for granted anymore. On my side, it is my relationship and respect to food that I am developing more. Ok, yes, I did have a certain respect already for it, but there is something more sacred that seems to take place. Will we miss some food eventually? Will it become crazily expensive? And if this corna virus pandemic continues until winter?

I always have dreamed of a house with an inner greenhouse, but until then. I need to be creative and be in “let’s prepare for the next months mode”.

The 3 practices that I am learning to master are:
– Regrow from kitchen scrap
– Seedling
– Sprouting

Source: https://www.fix.com/blog/regrow-vegetables-from-scraps/

Many ressources exist online on these subjects. Just google these words and you will fall upon a library of videos, images and articles on these subjects. Above, I have shared an image that I printed to put on my fridge as a simple reminder of the food I can regrow.

Namaste and Bon appétit!