Power of emotional courage / Puissance du courage émotionnel


Lately I have been asking myself the question: is happiness the new « Stress » factor?
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There is a pressure of having to be happy lately. And I have put this pressure on myself in the last month, even though I know and teach these facts:

An emotion is an emotion. What I always say in class is « feel that challenging emotion. Welcome it. Live it so it can expulse itself faster from your body and mind, instead of being stucked somewhere. Then, restart slowly to smile and breathe, knowing that you have contributed to the release of this emotion. » Lire la suite Power of emotional courage / Puissance du courage émotionnel

The mudras (english)

This season, at the end of each class, I invite my yoga clients to meditate, using mudras.

You probably have already seen nice hand positioning during some yoga poses and just like me, thought at first, that they were simply beautiful hand movements. These beautiful hand positions are called MUDRAS and are hand expressions that possess exceptional physical and psychological powers, as they work directly with the nadis, the energetic system related to yoga. it also uses the 5 elements, one for each finger.

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I need to confess…

So, most of you know that in the past 5 months, my mother and I went through a lot, medically. It has been a roller coaster between medical errors, specialists contradictions, the lack of follow-ups, seeing my mother suffer through this…and well the disorganization that we know about our system. Lire la suite OPEN BOOK / LIVRE OUVERT

“I never promised it wouldn’t hurt, I promised I would deliver…”

There are these words that resonate in my mind since few days. Now, you know that when words come back just like a hit tune in your mind that you ought to pay attention to them.

In one of his latest sermons about the promise behind hardships, Pastor John Gray World stated a phrase that really became an “ah ah moment” for me. It went something like this: “…God never promised it wouldn’t hurt; “I never promised it wouldn’t hurt, I promised to deliver, but not that I wouldn’t hurt.”

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My new BABA

Dr Bali – Everybody’s BABA ( for everyone who simply desire to change their life)

Some people find mentors while others find gurus. I have learned a new term in the past few months” Baba”, which is a sanskrit term of endearment towards and eldery whose knowledge and wisdom is respected.

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